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A Catholic education nourishes the development of the whole person. Our programs are designed to inspire the imagination, engage the spirit and cultivate the qualities of personal responsibility and service to others.

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Our social studies program instills in students an understanding of the historical and political roots of human life in time and place.

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Our English language arts program teaches students effective written and spoken communication fostering in them a love of literature.

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French as a language is a core component of the Academy’s curriculum.

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Math is a core component of the Academy’s curriculum.

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Physical & Health Education

A balance between physical, spiritual and academic pursuits encourages the development of the whole person.

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Science is a core component of the Academy’s curriculum.

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Robotics and the mechanics of movement is a core component of the Academy’s curriculum.

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Learning Resources

The Academy dedicates resources and teaching expertise to assist students with special needs to learn and grow and find fulfilment.

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Visual & Performing Arts

A core component of the Academy’s curriculum fosters in students an appreciation and understanding of art and creativity.

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Career Education

Preparing our students for the world beyond their secondary school years is an important component of our curriculum.

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Christian Education

A solid grounding in Christian education help equip our students to grow in their faith and understanding of their relationship to others and the world.

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Textiles and the use of fabrics forms part of the Academy’s curriculum

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Royal Players

Our theatre program engages students at all grade levels in dramatic arts with a major production annually.

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Athletics – Track & Field

An ambitious program of track & field nourishes the physical and emotional development of our students.

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Our band program encourages to share their musical talents with others and to work together to perform regularly for the wider school community.

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Athletics – Volleyball

An ambitious volleyball program for both boys and girls nourishes the physical and emotional development of our students

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Athletics – Cross Country

In its inaugural year the Academy established its presence in Surrey’s cross-country scene.

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Athletics – Basketball

An ambitious basketball program for both boys and girls nourishes the physical and emotional development of our students.

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Athletics – Tennis

An ambitious tennis program for both boys and girls nourishes the physical and emotional development of our students.

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Athletics – Ultimate Sports

Ultimate competitive frisbee for the ultimate sports experience

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Campus Ministry

A vibrant and intentional faith community that worships together is central to the St. John Paul II Academy experience.

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Young Changemakers Projects

Motivated by faith our students are involved in various community service projects instilling in them a respect for and responsibility to others.

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School Mass

United in faith our school community worships regularly together in celebrating the holy sacrifice of the Mass.

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Chugu Primary School

The Academy’s Lenten service project provides support to this primary school in Nigeria.

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School Retreats

School retreats are an integral element of the school’s Christian education curriculum and help ground our students in their faith.

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Reverence for Life

Instilling a respect for the dignity of all life is foundational to the St. John Paul II Academy experience.

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Building Leadership

Leadership through service by fostering a concern for the well-being of others and the community they belong is foundational to our Academy experience.

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Nurturing Creativity

Creativity is the power of imagination, a gift from God. The Academy encourages students to dare to see things in new ways thus bringing forth something new into the world.

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Nurturing Reverence

Reverence is an important charism in how students relate to both God and others as they grow in maturity to walk the Christian path of life.

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Nurturing Fortitude

We encourage students to show fortitude when confronting adversity and a willingness to try something new even when they are unsure of the outcome.

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A Spirit of Sacrifice

Our students are encouraged to demonstrate a spirit of sacrifice willingly, generously and humbly letting the efforts of others shine in the process.

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Nurturing Joy

We encourage our students to be joyful in their academic career. A joy-filled student appreciates the gifts that each day brings to embrace it with a positive mindset.

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Nurturing Perseverance

We instill in our students perseverance and tenacity to appreciate and value learning and the importance of hard work in a job well done

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Nurturing Courage

The Academy encourages students to confidently voice an opinion to peers and adults with respect, and humbly admit mistakes and learn from them.

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Service to Others

The Academy fosters among students an attitude of service to others done with a willing heart without seeking recognition.

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Nurturing Respect

Respect for themselves and the value of others is critical in the development of a St. John Paul II Academy student.

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Nurturing Stewardship

Everyone and everything belongs to God. Our students are taught to care for creation as God intended.

Online Schooling

Our staff and students have shown determination and perseverance in their respective commitment to learning during COVID 19

“Let us remember the past with gratitude, live the present with enthusiasm, and look forward to the future with confidence.”

— Pope John Paul II

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Extracurricular Activities

Developing School Pride and Spirit

At St. John Paul II Academy we value opportunities for co-curricular and extra-curricular activities. They are essential building blocks of your child’s development by fostering cooperation, team play, personal responsibility and school spirit. Our goal is to involve students in programs that inspire and challenge.

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Work is now underway to build the school’s new campus. Join us in this great endeavour to expand Catholic education in South Surrey. Guarantee your spot today for a future place at the school.

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