SJPII Academy Foundation

About the Foundation

Welcome to the Saint John Paul II Academy Foundation. Established 8 October 2019, the Foundation is responsible for funding all capital requirements for Saint John Paul II Academy. In this way the Foundation is the legal vehicle responsible for marshalling the resources necessary to get the Academy’s new school built.
This includes securing the necessary construction and mortgage financing, in raising capital donations to assist with the process and in administering the school’s enrolment deposit program.


The Academy has been set up under two principal legal entities. The first is a foundation responsible for the school’s capital requirements and, second, is an operating entity responsible for the day-to-day running of the school itself.

The Latest

Find out about the latest news from the Foundation and progress being made to get the Academy’s new campus built.

Make a Difference

Your support of the Foundation’s efforts to build a permanent campus will have a multi-generational impact.
You can make a difference.

“I know that some of you go to Catholic Schools. Why? So that you can more readily discover Christ and, in him, the full meaning of life. So that you can live life to the full. The Church has her schools because she wants to communicate Christ to you. She wants you to come to full maturity in him who is the perfect human being, and at the same time, the Son of God.”
— Pope John Paul II
Vancouver 1984
A Campus for 21st Century Learning

Our New Campus

Work is now underway to build the school’s new campus. Join us in this great endeavour to expand Catholic education in South Surrey. Guarantee your spot today for a future place at the school.

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