The teachers of SJP II Academy will be the key to the success of the school. Initially, these teachers will be a small but energetic and fully committed staff who will be the foundation of the school and will be able to do more with less. Our hope is that we can get this hiring done sooner rather than later but will be dependent upon our enrolment numbers. We will keep you posted as we go along in this important area of school life.


“ History has long taught that without teachers to educate the young the Church struggles to survive. Evangelization through good teaching is essential if Catholic life is to flourish in the Lower Mainland in the years ahead.
I am convinced that the key to a thriving Catholic school like St. John Paul II Academy is precisely the commitment of its teachers – all the teachers, not just its Religion teachers – to being fully and authentically Catholic in who they are and in all they do. Let’s admit the facts here: it depends chiefly on the staff and teachers whether the Catholic school achieves its purpose. Far more crucial than your magnificent new facilities, the teachers are the key to any fruitfulness St. John Paul II Academy can claim in carrying out its educational apostolate.”

Archbishop J. Michael Miller CSB, Archbishop of Vancouver

“Every established academic institution had a starting point and this is ours…we have great hope and dreams for this school and we are so proud to be part of it from the very beginning. What a wonderful opportunity for our children to continue their Catholic education is a close, loving community.” — Justin and Cynthia Wong

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